Onsites.co is now Agave

Most companies are lucky if they can find a 5 letter .com domain that’s memorable and easy to spell. With Agave.com, we liked that it met the criteria for a memorable and simple name, but there’s a story behind it too.

If the first thing you think of is tequila when you hear “agave” that’s because it’s made from the blue agave plant. There’s a few similarities between making tequila and conducting interviews:

  • Everyone has tried tequila, and the first experience is terrible.
  • Everyone has interviewed for a job, and nobody enjoys it.

The difference between a negative and positive experience comes down to the process.

  • When distilleries have the right process in place, tequila is actually great. Check out Clase Azul’s trailer, for example.
  • When companies put process and structure into their hiring, candidates are impressed and want to work there.

Both of these things appear easy on the outside, but are difficult to master.

  • It looks easy to make tequila. You just add some agave, right? Wrong. It’s time-consuming and nuanced.
  • Interviewing seems easy. You just invite a bunch of people to answer some questions and make them an offer if they answer correctly, right? Wrong. It’s difficult to create a repeatable, structured process.

We’ve outfitted our office in Palo Alto with blue agave plants, some fantastic tequila (made from 100% blue agave), and we’re excited to help companies deliver the best candidate interview experience.


uiuc, yc, bloc.io, tophatter, agave

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