Agave is the replacement for Google Hire’s shutdown

Yesterday, Google announced they are shutting down Google Hire, their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). At Agave, we understand how difficult it can be to deliver great hiring software to the market. This is why we want to fill the need Google Hire’s impending shutdown will create.

Agave Hire was born out of frustrations I experienced as a hiring manager in a hyper-growth tech startup. I was in your shoes, trying to figure out which ATS product to use, given there are hundreds to choose from. We use the word “ATS” to describe our product, but we’re actually much more than that with our Talent CRM product that helps you source and nurture the best leads.

A lot of companies are going to write up these announcements about how they’re offering help to Google Hire users migrate their data. So I’ll save you time and explain why we’re different, as you’re searching. In short: we are faster. We’re better. And we’re more affordable.

Let’s dig in:

  • We’re the most cost-effective product on the market, and transparent about pricing. Google Hire was innovative because it allowed companies to pay on a monthly plan, instead of require annual lock-in with upfront payments. Our pricing is simple and paid monthly. We offer strong discounts on annual usage, but we don’t require it.
  • We are focused on building the fastest product with the most delightful user experience. We’ve built tools and automation layers, like bulk actions and keyboard shortcuts to speed up repetitive tasks for your team by 50%. If you love Superhuman, you’re going to love Agave Hire.
  • Hiring software is hard, that’s why we help you on-board. When I started the first and largest online developer bootcamp (, the challenge for most students was figuring out the right language to learn. Today there are so many hiring products in the market, we’ve noticed the hurdle for a lot of people is just deciding which one to use. We go a step further and help you set up with a 30 minute on-boarding call, whether that means migrating all of your data, importing your jobs, or sourcing a few candidates with you.
  • Give yourself sourcing superpowers. Over 80% of the talent on the market is passive, not actively on marketplaces like Triplebyte, Hired, AngelList Talent. You can tap into these large networks by building up a relationship using automated email drip campaigns. You can personalize your messages with variables, such as the day of the week. We even unlock email addresses on candidates in LinkedIn with our Chrome extension. These will help you build up a database of rich leads that you can potentially hire in the near future.
  • We’re designed for companies between 0 and 5,000. The software we’ve built is actually incredibly complex and achieves feature parity with the leading products in the market. The interface changes based on your needs — when you’re small managing 30 candidates, it’s simple. As you grow your candidate pipeline, it evolves to include more filter and search capabilities.
  • We believe your data belongs to your company. That’s why every account comes with full API read and write access to all of your data with rich developer documentation. If you don’t like using us, you don’t have to stick around. We’ll even help you migrate to another provider.

In contrast, nearly every company who will be offering to migrate your Google Hire data will be going against all of the core principles we believe in:

  • They won’t tell you how much their product costs. This is because they plan on charging you a lot, especially as you grow.
  • Their products are old, slow, and painful to use. The largest ATS products today were started about 10 years ago when the technology looked completely different.
  • They’ll lock your data down and make sure your “cost of switching” is so high that you have nowhere else to go. If you are lucky enough to gain access over your own data, it’ll take several weeks for someone to migrate it. Some companies will charge you $10,000 per year just to gain access to your own data. So remember, every time you source a new candidate, you don’t actually own that data. Your ATS owns it, and they won’t let you have it until you pay them more money.

We’ll guarantee a 48 hour turnaround on data migrations from the time we receive your data export file, otherwise we’ll credit your Agave Hire account $200. There’s absolutely no risk on your side — if you like this, then you can keep using it. If you don’t, you can export your data and go anywhere else you’d like.

Redeeming this offer

E-mail me at to start your Google Hire migration now. You can also request a demo at

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